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Top international concept artists and illustrators Monttlò, Toledano & Guerrero to join Dark Riviera.

15 juni 2023

Dark Riviera reinforces its intellectual property development team with top spannish talent Miki Montllò ("WolfWalkers", "Wonder Woman"), Marcial Toledano ("Orbital", "Ken Games", "Tebori") and Mateo Guerrero ("DragondSeed", "Beast", "Jakob Kayne").

The Dark Riviera team is very proud to announce that three top level international authors will join us in developing several of our IPs. 

Miki Montllo is an illustrator who works in animation, video games and graphic novels ("Hollywood Monsters 2", "The Next Big Thing", "Breadwinner", "WolfWalkers", "Warship Jolly Roger", "The Witcher", the graphic novels adaptation Liu Cixin’s books, "Wonder Woman”).

Marcial Toledano is an illustrator who works in advertising and graphic novels ("Ken Games", "Tebori", "Orbital", "Dominants”)

Matéo Guerrero is a scriptwriter and graphic novels illustrator ("DragonSeed", "Beast", "Turo", "Jakob Kayne", "Gloria Victis", "The Forest of Time", "Robot Lord Rising") Miki, Marcial, Matéo

Welcome to the Dark Riviera team!

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