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Robot Lord Rising graphic novel to be published by Caurette Editions

Emilie Blezat

8 feb. 2023

Dark Riviera strikes deal with independent French publisher Caurette Editions.

Caurette Editions is known for its extensive range of art books (Ashley Wood, Karl Kopinski, Kim Jung Gi…) and best-selling comics such as "Magnum Génération(s)", "Petzi", "McCurry, NYC, 9/11". Caurette Editions will co-publish and distribute worldwide the 2 volume Sci-fi / Fantasy graphic novel series "Robot Lord Rising", written by Sylvain Runberg and David Dusa, illustrated by Mateo Guerrero and colored by Mazi. “Robot Lords Rising” is also being developed as a game by Aurora Punks who owns the intellectual property.

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